Change, managed.

Our team leaders have helped some of the world's biggest brands transform their business processes to better respond to the demands of the digital revolution and move towards digital maturity, creating delightful and seamless branded customer experiences across every touchpoint.

From Martech and automation, to client service optimisation and service design strategies, change management, and training, Armada works across the full gambit of the Customer Experience spectrum. In partnership with our Studio and Tech divisions, we'll help you convert theory into action; developing platforms, tools and internal processes to make good on the strategies we develop together.

Digital Enablement

We help you develop robust digital ecosystems to better acquire, serve and retain clients, and to create personalised experiences that strengthen customer loyalty and save you money by bringing agility and efficiency into your business.

Our carefully curated selection of partners and tools, gives us the flexibility to calibrate the perfect solution for your transformation ambitions and budget, without compromising on impact.

CX & Service Design

Building a coherent and meaningful omnichannel brand experience often requires a comprehensive overhaul of the business rules, processes and tools that have gotten you to where you are today.

We marry your brand ambition with the data we collect of the consumer's experience to date, to develop new ways of bringing your brand experience to life at every touchpoint.


Preparing your brand for the automated future takes planning.

Our team has spent years perfecting our approach to developing brand identity systems and design patterns to self-assemble perfectly once your new martech stack is assembled and ready to go.

We work with a number of global partners to offer easy-to-use asset libraries and dynamic digital brand guidelines and templates to ensure that you always have total control of how your brand appears in market, regardless of the number of stakeholders and partners work with and share those assets every day.

Martech & Automation

Regardless of whether you'd like us to manage your day-to-day marketing activities, or simply need us to help you develop future-proofed ways of getting your message to market, our Consulting team works with all your stakeholders to develop a martech stack that empowers you to serve high volume, personalised comms at scale, while leveraging the agility and efficiency that marketing automation technology enables.