Digital Marketing
Made to Measure

We're a creative and digital transformation partner to brands that want to create measurable, impact-driven content at scale.

We've completely overhauled the agency model to operate as an extension of your team.
Armada in-sources teams virtually


Armada offers all the speed and agility of an in-house advertising studio, with the administrative, tech, and production support of a full-service advertising agency, at a fraction of the cost.


Pay for impact,
not hours

We’ve done away with hourly rates, and designed our pricing model to correspond with the value we offer, not the time we spend servicing your business; giving you transparency and control for accurate forecasts.

Armada charges for impact, not hours
Armada works across multiple time zones and regions

We follow
the Sun

With highly skilled designers, creators, and finishing artists stationed across every major timezone, we’re able to hand off minor roll-out creative to teams in other timezones, to ensure that work doesn't stop when time is of the essence.


We play well
with others

We do our best work in partnership with brave teams of diverse people and skills to create meaningful impact. We'll happily partner with client teams, consultancies, agencies, and design houses to deliver results.

Armada believes in co-creation through collaboration

Service Offerings

Think of them as modules to turn on or off as your business needs evolve over time.

Our Clients

We have a wealth of experience across a multitude of blue-chip clients in through-the-line advertising, sponsorship, film and content production, data, product development, and service design.

Our Process

Our process is designed to identify our targets, and get to work quickly.
You'll deal directly with our executive team to ensure perfect delivery from day one.


Obligation-free Discovery

Think of it as a chance to kick the tyres and really get to know us while we unpack your immediate challenges and long-term goals, assess your priorities, and understand what success means to you.


Scope & Quote

We'll come back to you with a proposal detailing the mix of talent, technology, production resources and milestones needed to service your ask, as well as the anticipated timeline to achieve success.


Press Play

Once you've signed on the dotted line, we'll get straight to work, assigning you your dedicated project manager, and team of world-class talent. We'll also onboard and train your internal teams if needed.


Test & Measure

The Armada Intelligence team will track and report on our impact as we go, allowing us to change tack. It's critical that you see demonstrable ROI for having done business with us—the data doesn't lie.


Rinse, Repeat

By constantly iterating, we're able to put more behind our wins, and intervene swiftly with our losses, to guarantee consistent growth. We'll work closely with you to adjust our strategies based on learnings.

Say hi

Whether you're a prospective client, or a great talent looking for new partners, drop us a mail and we'll get right back to you.


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