Film, Audio, Content.

Armada partners with clients across industries and markets globally to craft amazing work for leading brands. Our integrated production capabilities span the entire creative spectrum, covering anything you could possibly want from a production partner, and probably more.

We're specialised in pre- and post-production services across all disciplines, including film, television, animation, radio, and social content marketing. We'll also manage rights and usage negotiations with talent, to ensure
everything is taken care of.

Operating across teams, time zones, and technologies in tandem with our Studio and Media divisions, we're able to offer the best end-product money can buy; perfectly geared for the remote-working future.

Film and TV

Whether you're looking to produce feature films, television programming, or product commercials, our production team is fully equipped to manage every aspect of the pre- and post-production process, from location scouting, set design and art direction, to editing, grade, and title animation.

We bring with us, our little black book of world-class directors and production talent, to offer you the best money can buy, whether you prefer an intimate in-person process, or remote.

Sound Production

From radio commercials to podcasts and music production, our globally connected network of partners are able to service your sound production demands from anywhere in the world.

Social Content

We are experts at creating impactful short-form digital content at speed.

Complimented by our bespoke production technology stack, we're able to reformat your brand elements into modules that can be assembled and personalised at scale, offering you the speed and agility required to respond to changes in the market in real-time.

In partnership with our Media, Tech and Intelligence divisions, we're able to track, report and iterate on content output at a speed no traditional process could manage.

Live Broadcasts

Whether you're looking to create a fully virtual conferencing experience or webinar, live television broadcast, or simply stream a live event, our production crew, in partnership with the Armada Tech Lab, offer anything you can dream up, on-site or in-studio.

We also offer companion event apps and booking sites, should you need to extend the experience beyond the broadcast.