Tech Lab

Design & Development

Our digital experience and engineering teams work in tandem with our consulting and creative marketing divisions to build rich, engaging and innovative online brand experiences that drive action and delight your consumer, with a view to facilitate long-lasting relationships with your brand, and bolster the lifetime value of the customers you acquire over time.

We also offer one-off, tech-driven activations to bridge the gap between real-world and online digital marketing experiences.

Brand Sites & Apps

Brand hubs play a critical role in in your marketing ecosystem, and often need to be updated on the fly, to reflect your activities and KPIs per campaign to offer a streamlined experience across several touchpoints.

Our team of experience specialists and engineers work closely with brand and marketing teams to extend the real-world experience of your brand into the digital space in service to your greater CX vision.


Shortening the last mile is a critical, and often underserved, aspect of many brands' marketing ecosystems.

We offer a wide range of code, low-code, and no-code solutions to ensure your last-click strategy is honoured in full, irrespective of budget, because we believe every engagement should end in acquisition.

Testing & Auditing

As with everything we do at Armada, data-driven impact informs everything action we take on your behalf.

Before we commence the design process, we embark on a robust audit exercise to understand what in your current platforms and ecosystems are, and are not working, allowing you to shift focus to the changes that will yield the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

In partnership with our creative and consulting teams, we will go beyond just surface heuristic analysis, to understand how your current platforms drive action and fulfill your customer-facing brand promise.

We will continue to conduct these audits on a regular basis to ensure that, beyond pure maintenance, we're iterating on platform strengths, bearing technological and behavioural changes in mind that could affect performance, and decrease relevance over time.

Martech Innovation

Systems integration is critical to the success of onboarding any new solution into your martech stack.

We work closely with our Consulting arm to design and manage the major initiatives and tools that harness technology to achieve marketing success, including ad serving, data tracking, brand asset management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).